Tom Sye  demos

Tom is a 17 year voice over veteran who knows what it takes to make your project stand out from the rest!  Tom's experience in Radio gives him the production know how to ensure your commercial is heard in its entirety and not cut off at the beginning or the end of the clip!  Whether a commercial, narration, web video or phone hold, Tom can deliver your message with an authoritative, yet friendly style and has the voice quality to make your project be heard!

A master editor, Tom has several years of audio editing experience under his belt and handles all of the editing and production work at Syesmic Productions.  Tom ensures that your project has the correct timing your project requires!  Need audio  that coincides with something happening in a video...he can do that!  Music?  Sound Effects?  Tom can mix what ever you need...where ever you need it!

In addition to voice over, production and on air skills, Tom is also a former professional Play by Play Announcer with experience in painting a mental picture for listeners.  Tom knows both where and when to inflect to captivate the listeners of your audio!

Contact Tom today at!   Tom can answer any questions you may have about your project, the Syesmic Productions talents and any inquiries about voice overs in general!

CLICK HERE to hear Tom's Demos!