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From my early days as a child in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I always knew that I wanted to be a broadcaster.  During the 1979 World Series, I set up a make shift broadcast booth out of cardboard boxes and called games between the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  A family move to South Florida in 1984 didn't deter me from continuing this hobby, often turning down the volume on both televised and video games to provide my interpretation as to what was happening on the screen in front of me.

The summer of 1998 was a big turning point in my life.  Having bounced around in a variety of jobs from catching shoplifters to raking bunkers at a golf course I finally decided to follow my passion and enrolled in a broadcasting school in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

With a week to go in broadcasting school, I made a trip home to visit my parents and attend the Florida Panthers Fan Fest.  After a fun filled day with the Panthers, I noticed a table set up by the exit along the concourse with a sign which read 'Miami Matadors'.  I struck up a conversation with the man at the table, who turned out to be the owner of the upstart East Coast Hockey League franchise.  I told Bob Snyder about my passion for sports and he invited me to send him a demo tape when I returned back home. 

A week later, I returned to South Florida for a meeting with Bob, who took me to Center Ice of the Miami Arena and offered me a road Play by Play Announcer position with duties as a Color Analyst for home games. 

My broadcasting career began with...well an F-bomb, as I was asked how I was enjoying the game from my Center Ice position between the players benches and answered with the exclaimed version of AWESOME!  

Game two of the 1998-1999 season featured my first road game and with exactly one games worth of experience under my belt, I took the microphone for the first time in Augusta, Georgia.  While extremely nervous, I relied on my 'blue collar' roots, let loose and gave the broadcast everything I had even garnering praise from Augusta fans surrounding my broadcast position. 

Game three was in Charleston, South Carolina and I feel as if I was more nervous for this one than the night before!  I again gave the broadcast everything I had, describing each check, each pass, each goal with more enthusiasm then the next.  When I returned to Miami after the quick two game road trip, I had learned that the Miami Matadors broadcasting staff was now a one-man job...mine!

I continued throughout the 1998-99 season to grow as a broadcaster and even added Assistant Media Relations Director duties to my plate until the seasons end, when the team met it's ultimate demise and folded.  Confused as to what the next step for progression would be, I applied for a Sports Director with KNFT FM/AM in Silver City, New Mexico. 

Mind you, I had NO idea where Silver City, New Mexico was located within the Land of Enchantment and while I knew New Mexico was indeed a state, I began to wonder if I really would need a Green Card after being asked that very question from many friends and acquaintances.  

From 1999-2001 I manned the microphones at Southwest New Mexico's biggest station calling Football, Basketball and Softball games for Western New Mexico University as well as Football, Basketball, Baseball and Softball games for seven area high schools in addition to hosting a morning show at the groups 100,000 Watt FM Country Station. 

In October of 2001 I was once again bit by the hockey bug after learning of an opening with the New Mexico Scorpions of the Central Hockey League.  Here, my broadcasting career began to take off, being named the League's Media Relations Director of the Year by In the Crease internet Hockey Magazines Warrior Zone as well as the Central Hockey League's Marketing Franchise of the Year for our efforts in marketing and advertising. 

It was during this season I introduced the 'Tom Sye Journal' as a Second Period Intermission feature.  At the time, I was looking simply for something to fill the time to allow myself to recover from calling the games action, but I had no clue whatsoever that it would take off the way that it did. 

The idea was simple, give fans an inside look at the Scorpions franchise from the eyes of its first year broadcaster.  Game after game, trip after trip, the lore of the journal continued to grow.  The fans absolutely LOVED it!  From moving sweaty hockey equipment from the bus to the locker room, where we ate, the bus breaking down to even the awful stench emanating from the rest room, the journal took the fans right along for the ride. 

The next season (2002-2003), I accepted a Director of Communications position with the Knoxville Ice Bears of the newly re-formed Atlantic Coast Hockey League.  This season was the closest I would come to tasting the victory of a championship as the Bears made it to the ACHL Finals, ultimately falling to the Orlando Seals. 

At the end of the playoff series, I had to make a decision that I have since questioned every single day since.  I decided to give up my dream of broadcasting to ensure my family a good life with a retirement becoming a sworn Police Officer in 2004 with the City of Glendale, Arizona. 

March of 2008 brought an unexpected return to the broadcast booth, filling in for the Arizona Sun Dogs of the Central Hockey League during their 2007-2008 CHL Championship run. 

After a nearly 5 years hiatus from the booth, I again grew nervous prior to the start of my first game back, but simply relied on what has always taken me above and beyond.  It was always my philosophy to speak to the fans like a fan.  Describe every single maneuver as if they were sitting there right next to me.  I brought back the Tom Sye Journal again to high fan acclaim and ended the broadcast the way I always have had...with a goodnight to my children by name and a good night to everyone listening. 

To say that I miss broadcasting would be about the biggest under-stated statement I could possibly make!  It was a great time of my life and one that I will appreciate always.  



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